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Motionhouse: Scattered Feb 14, 2013 @ 7:30 pm Get Tickets »

Q & A

February 14, 2013 after the show.

  • Motionhouse: Scattered
  • Motionhouse: Scattered
  • Motionhouse: Scattered
  • Motionhouse: Scattered
Dance / Ballet


One of the UK’s foremost dance theater companies, Motionhouse creates startling, passionate dance theater, fusing images, action and dynamism to surprise, challenge and delight. Seven dancers perform on an infinity stage where movement and film integrate in a completely new and frankly breathtaking way. 

 “Shock and awe: eliciting gasps as the dancers bodysurf across the face of the wave or launch themselves from its vertiginous peak” The Observer

Scattered combines Motionhouse’s trademark highly physical dance theatre and mesmerizing aerial imagery in a unique interaction between film and live performance, created in collaboration with Logela Multimedia from the Basque region of Spain.

Scattered explores our relationship with water and how it surrounds us in different forms throughout our lives: in birth water ties us to life and on a more elemental scale, in ice, floods and tides, it can sweep our lives away. Scattered delves into the majesty and savagery of water, a fundamental force in our lives as seven dancers plunge into an ocean, wrestle a raging tide and slide on an avalanche to a frozen landscape of arctic beauty.

With Scattered Motionhouse is again exploring new artistic dimensions. Performed on a huge curved floor, which disappears skywards, Scattered uses projection technology, daring dancing plus aerial harnesses and bungees to create an extraordinary world in which the dancers move seamlessly in, on and through the image.

Please note: Strobe Lights are used in this production.


"A jaw-dropping, eye-popping work of creation that with movement, sound and sheer theatrical spectacle comes close to a hallucinogenic experience... Kevin Finnan... has created a mesmerising combination of physical dance and film that thrills the senses and tricks the eye." Bournemouth Daily Echo

"Super athletic dancers, as dexterous in the air and with ropes as they are on the floor, this is a company that has long cornered the high impact end of the market." The Guardian

“No one in the audience could tear their eyes away”
Hertfordshire Life

"Shock and awe: eliciting gasps as the dancers bodysurf across the face of the wave or launch themselves from its vertiginous peak" The Observer

And from the Palm Beach Daily News...

"...This multi-media presentation is part IMAX, part X Games and part Olympics."

"the dancers mesmerized us as they trampolined, flipped, and slid down and even up…"

"absolutely amazing"

"decidedly modern and thrilling to watch"