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Alesso, Otto Knows, and DJ Manni
Winter White Tour
Feb 2, 2013 @ 8 pm, Doors open at 7pm
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  • ALESSO - Electronic Dance Music

Electronic Dance Music

Subog Concerts & NV Concepts will be unleashing madness upon the Northeast once again this winter, taking the meaning of Northeaster in a completely new direction. Yettis, snow, and Winter White madness will be invading campus immediately upon the arrival of the spring semester. The Winter White Tour is an all-white themed Electronic Dance Music production featuring two of the top international DJs, Alesso and Otto Knows, and UConn's own DJ Manni. The tour's goal is not only to create an unforgettable concert experience, but to provide the rare opportunity for the Northeast EDM community to see the talent of tomorrow at its very doorstep. So join us on February 2nd and lose the color: get Winter White.