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Mummenschanz Jan 22, 2016 @ 8 pm Get Tickets »
  • Mummenschanz
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Before the Blue Man Group there was Mummenschanz. In their surreal and comic world of fantasy, common materials of everyday life, such as carton, fabric, foam rubber, balloons, and rolls of toilet paper, spring to life as fantastical characters. It's a wonder-filled, visually stunning spectacle that sparks the imagination, enchanting audiences of all ages.

Seen by millions in more than 60 countries, the highly skilled ensemble of mimes and puppeteers brings their cast of weird and wonderful creatures to life through the inventive use of lighting, props, masks, and motion. Characters are manipulated in wordless vignettes that transcend nationality, language, and culture barriers, offering timeless and deeply poignant insights on the human condition.

Formed in Paris in 1972, MUMMENSCHANZ paved the way for nonverbal theater and multiple new genres. “We wanted to convey vignettes which were poetic, ironic and critical” says Frassetto, the troupe’s Italian-born co-founder. “We wanted to tell stories of change and evolution... stories of the difficulty of communication between man and woman or between two men…  stories about misunderstanding, about love, about hate, and about the competition that we all experience in our lives.” 

Mummenschanz’s Jorgensen performance will feature classic audience favorites, such as the Giant Hands, which often wander off stage to interact with audience members, the Slinky Man, and the amazingly expressive Clay Masks, as well as brilliant new creations seen for the first time. 

"Witty madness... Dazzling and delightful." – New York Times

Perfect for the entire family.


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