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About JOY

On October 17, 1999 Jorgensen presented "Alice in Wonderland" to a full house of anxiously awaiting youngsters, many of whom were about to see a live performance for the very first time. In the audience that day were a group of 25 children and 8 young adults; the very first Jorgensen Outreach for Youth (JOY!) program recipients. Since its inception, the JOY! program has invited over 10,000 children from eastern Connecticut to Jorgensen events.

JOY! is designed to bring the arts to eastern Connecticut's underprivileged children and their families by enabling them to attend Jorgensen performances for free. In addition to the ticketing program, JOY! funds public school programs with transportation, in-school outreach and residency programs, and the newly created JOY! Conservatory Program.

JOY! would be impossible without the kind contributions of individuals and local businesses. Thanks to our JOY! benefactors, Jorgensen is able to share its performances with hundreds of youth who might not otherwise know the thrill of attending a world-class concert, an international dance performance or a children's theater presentation. We would like to invite you to join us and share the JOY! by making a donation today. Help Jorgensen bring the universal language of the arts to deserving area children with your generous contribution.





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For more information about JOY! please contact Jorgensen Director Rodney Rock at 860-486-1983. Or send an email to