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Jorgensen Volunteer Ushering Staff


Love the Arts? Become A Jorgensen Usher and Join Our Team of Fund-Saving Volunteers

Unique in concept and implementation, the Volunteer Usher Program at Jorgensen is both fund-saving and fun!

Prior to the 2016-2017 season, administrative budgets for student labor had been decreasing. As a result, members of the community lauched the Jorgensen Ushering Program, which has been hugely successful and helpful in conserving resources.

And how was that possible? Our volunteers purchase tickets to the events for which they volunteer. With this unique model of fund-saving volunteerism, ushers have become the welcoming face of Jorgensen as they scan tickets, answer questions, and seat patrons.

Once the lights go down, ushers/ticket holders take their seats or are free to leave the venue.

Our mission is clear: to support the performing arts at Jorgensen by providing patrons with a positive experience as soon as they come through the door, and that can make all the difference, not only in how a performance gets off to an enthusiastic start, but whether attendees decide to return, becoming subscribers or contributing supporters.

Volunteers are part of the Jorgensen Team, and commitment to this ushering endeavor not only helps to sustain the bottom line, but is vital in spreading the word that Jorgensen is indeed a performance-venue gem in the state's Northeast Corner.

We welcome your interest in this professional, well-trained, and knowledgeable team of Jorgensen ambassadors. 

An Overview of Volunteer Usher Requirements:

  • Be willing to double your value as an usher by purchasing your tickets to the events for which you volunteer. 
  • Physically able to stand and walk for extended periods of time. 
  • Willing to dress in all black.
  • Available to usher for approximately four to six events each semester.
  • Possess a positive demeanor and enjoy interacting with the public.
  • Attend a New Usher Orientation / Training Course prior to ushering. 
  • At least 18 years of age.

For more information, please contact Catherine Kalonia at jorgensenvolunteers@uconn.edu