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Jorgensen exterior in 2015


Endowed Sponsorship Program

Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts has brightened the lives of many at the University of Connecticut and in the surrounding communities with a wide variety of exciting performances since 1955. One way that arts lovers like you can express their appreciation and support for these wonderful programs is by sponsoring a concert or other event during the current season through Jorgensen's Endowed Sponsorship Program. Your benefits as an Endowed Sponsor will include seeing your name in the Jorgensen playbill, as well as additional community recognition through university press releases. The most exciting benefit, however, will be a visit with the event's featured guest artist, arranged by the Jorgensen staff.

Depending on the performer's schedule, this could either be a special "meet and greet" session prior to the event, or a post-concert private reception for you and up to 25 of your friends. Through a sponsorship, you could celebrate a special holiday, birthday or anniversary, or dedicate an event to a loved one. Most importantly, by contributing to the cost of a current event, you will help ensure that Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts can continue to present such wonderful programs in the future. A cultural gift like this would benefit not only Jorgensen, but its neighbors throughout the region. A baseline donation of 25% of the cost of the event is suggested for sponsorship.

Supporting the arts starts with you. If you or your family would like to contribute in this meaningful way, contact Rodney Rock, Jorgensen Director, at (860) 486-1983 or rodney.rock@uconn.edu

Your gift will be received by The UConn Foundation, Inc., a Connecticut non-profit that exists exclusively to benefit UConn. All contributions are used to support the donor's intention and are subject to certain administrative fees that are used to support Foundation operating expenses as well as other priority needs determined by the School, College or unit receiving the gift. For additional information please visit our website at www.foundation.uconn.edu . Donors to the Foundation have the right to request that their gifts remain anonymous. You may obtain a copy of the Foundation's financial report, or you may contact us at 2390 Alumni Drive, U-3206, Storrs, Connecticut 06269, or 800-269-9965.

The Foundation is exempt from registration as a charitable organization in a number of states and jurisdictions. If the Foundation is required to register and comply with state laws related to charitable contributions, the official registration, documents and financial information can be obtained from that state's Attorney General, Secretary of State, or other charitable solicitation licensing agency. For additional state contact information, please visit our website.

Registration with a state agency does not constitute or imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by that state.