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Event Name Date Genre Series Tickets
The Sleeping Beauty Mar. 30Dance / BalletRegular EventGet Tickets
UConn Dance Company Apr. 18Dance / Hip-hopRegular EventGet Tickets
Beethoven Quartet Cycle - Part V Apr. 25Music / ClassicalRegular EventGet Tickets
Beethoven Quartet Cycle - Part VI Apr. 27Music / ClassicalRegular EventGet Tickets
Latin Fest '17 - Gilberto Santa Rosa Apr. 8Music / LatinoCabaret SeriesGet Tickets
One Night of Queen Mar. 31Music / RockCabaret SeriesGet Tickets
DakhaBrakha Apr. 6Music / WorldRegular EventGet Tickets
The Nile Project Apr. 20Music / WorldRegular EventGet Tickets
Trevor Noah - SOLD OUT Apr. 1Theatre / ComedySpecial EventGet Tickets
The Little Prince Apr. 30Theatre / FamilyJorgensen Children's EventsGet Tickets